R&D R&D Center

BNC Global has contracted
with leading cosmeceutical manufacturers in Korea

and focuses on R&D center with capabilities to develop the best products with them.


R&D Accomplishments

Research and development in the aesthetic medical fields based on independent technology


Developing medical devices that change the dermis and epidermis in
a natural and healthy way by using PN as a safe and effective tissue restoration biomaterial.

PLA(Poly DL-Lactide)

Developing medical devices with excellent solubility through CMT(Continuous Membrane Technology) and HMT(Homologous Microsphere Technology)
that promotes collagen production and produces perfectly spherical and uniform particles using PDLA that are biodegradable in the body

PLA + HA(Poly DL-Lactide + Hyaluronic Acid)

PN + HA (Polynucleotide + Hyaluronic Acid)

Developing medical devices that provide both physical tissue repair effect and skin booster effect to improve skin elasticity and wrinkles with HMT
(Homologous Microsphere Technology) and OCT (Optimized Combination Technology)